"Eat healthy and feel like a champion."
- Mark Sheehan, Executive Director of Boys & Girls Club and advocate for healthy food

"Don't let fear stop you from asking for help."
- Sterling Wilder, Executive Director of Jubilee and advocate for healthy kids

"Everyone has value. Believe in yourself."
- Treney Tweedy, Mayor of Lynchburg and cheerleader for neighbors in need

"I'm here because I care."
- Micky Ferguson, Senior Recreation Specialist and champion for food access, Lynchburg Parks & Recreation

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About the Campaign

LynchburgFeeds is a campaign organized by the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, in partnership with local partners and community advocates.

LynchburgFeeds is designed to help people find nonprofit food pantries and other food programs in the Lynchburg area. Food pantries provide groceries to people, free of charge.

We believe there is unmet need in Lynchburg, and enough food to meet the need.

Everyone should have enough to eat.